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Taking The Plunge

Of the many elements in residential design landscape, a swimming pool can be a key in creating a space with genuine ‘wow’ factor. The sound of water gently lapping and light rippling around the pool can be a pleasing sensory experience for your family and friends to enjoy before you dive in on a hot summers day. With a well thought out design these qualities can be beautifully integrated to your garden and outdoor living space.

When thinking about designing a pool into your property it would be worthwhile asking yourself the following questions to ensure your investment gives you the result you hope for.

Where should the pool be located? A pool can be an integral part of the outdoor living space of your home and can be well connected to the key outdoor living space of a property. For a family or ‘party’ pool this works well, especially where the action of the pool is easily seen and heard from the internal living spaces. If positioned well, the pool can become a water feature with impressive scale and impact from a formal dining or living space.

In a larger property, the pool can also be a destination in its own right and be tucked well away from main patio spaces surrounded by generous lawn and garden areas.

In Canterbury, you will most likely want your pool situated to capture afternoon sun with a good degree of protection from the prevailing winds. The design of your pool area should include walls and planting to create this if your site is exposed with no existing shelter.

What sort of feel are you wanting to create? Often my clients want their pool to have a ‘resort’ theme, where they can relax with a touch of luxury and contemporary sophistication – paving, furniture and planting choices should reinforce this. Some prefer a more naturalistic approach where a native, informal plant palette is dominant and the pool lines are softer and may include feature rocks to the edging.

Every pool must be fenced to meet the pool fencing act. To create a fence that complies with your design theme and regulations can be challenging. Glass pool fencing can be a great way to reduce any sense of ‘visual disconnect’ that a fence would otherwise impose.

I often end up discussing with clients whether a pool is a viable option for our Christchurch climate – or simply put ‘Is it really worth it?’. The answer depends on your scenario, but the many families I know who enjoy 4-5 months swimming each year would tell you for them it’s a no brainer.

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