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Award Winning Garden Architecture Christchurch + Landscape Design

Award Winning Garden Architecture and Landscape Design Christchurch

No two projects are the same, so we work with you to ‘tailor’ a personalized process to fit your specific needs and project requirements.  Your design process will typically involve some of the following stages.  The documents and plans produced in the stages below can be used for consent purposes if required.


Consultation sketch plan

Craig will meet with you to discuss your project, the site and your specific requirements.  We will talk through design options and ideas and finish by drawing an A3 scale ‘sketch plan’ of the key ideas.  The sketch plan is an ‘off the cuff’ design response to your brief and is not intended as a resolved design or presentation drawing.  Its what we'd design if it was our own place.  You will leave the consultation with a clear picture of what your landscape outcome could be.  This will take 1.5 – 2.0 hours and has a standard fee of $450 incl GST (new pricing as of June 2021) in the Christchurch area.  (Click to see consult sketch examples)


Design Fee Proposal

Craig will contact you with a fee proposal for the design of your property.  This will also outline the stages of the design process and a timeframe for their completion.


Site Survey

A detailed site measure and survey is carried out capturing the information necessary for an accurate and site specific landscape plan to be drawn.  This includes features like existing trees, fences, changes of level and other existing site features.


Concept and Developed Landscape Plan

The initial ideas sketched at the consultation are developed and presented first as a concept plan and then finally as a signed off developed plan following a review and amendment process where your critique of the plan is requested.  The concept plan is the first chance for you to comment on the proposed design.   The developed plan contains enough detail and specification that a competent landscape contractor can accurately price and build from. 

(Click here to see examples of concept and developed landscape plans.)


Construction Detailing, Written specifications and Tender packages

Detailed drawings are produced which outline the specific materials, finishes and construction methodologies for hard landscaping features.  Reference to relevant New Zealand Standards are made to instruct contractors as to the quality and performance of the items described.


Planting plan and schedules

These are documents to ensure the implementation of the plantings meets the quality and outcome desired. Plant placement, set out, quantities and sizes are detailed.



Your plan documentation is passed onto an independent, hand-picked, landscape contracting company who has the expertise and experience to accurately price and build your design.

FORM Garden Architecture
FORM Garden Architecture
FORM Garden Architecture
FORM Garden Architecture
FORM Garden Architecture
FORM Garden Architecture
FORM Garden Architecture
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